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   Jun 10

Summer is almost a reality

3 1/2 days of school left, not that I’m counting…

These are some things I’ve recently gleaned in my Proverbs 31 study each morning. Some attributes I want to focus on and especially improve as I go back to full-time mommyhood for the summer.
– Disciplined (Prov 31:15) – up while still dark, food for her family, planning the day
– Kind (Prov 31:20) – opens arms, extends hands to needy
– Wise (Prov 31:26) – speaks with wisdom, faithful instruction
– Reverent (Prov 31:30) – unwavering in faith and dedication to God, fears the Lord

   Jun 06

Completing him Challenge

I am planning to participate in this marriage challenge over at Women Living Well starting now through mid-August.  Click the graphic below if you want more information!

   May 27

Children of the ’70s or ’80s please watch…!

Am I weird because this video made me get teary-eyed?

Please tell me which toys you recognized from childhood.  :)

   May 06

Thought for the Day

“Lord, give me an
open heart to find you
everywhere, to glimpse the heaven
enfolded in a bud, and to
experience eternity in the 
smallest act of love.”

Mother Teresa

   Mar 30

Another Quote

“Where Jesus has passed by… 
He leaves behind a trail 
of wholeness, completeness,
and joy that is unmistakeably
‘His touch’.”
-Gloria Gaither

   Feb 09


You’re blessed when 
you’re at the end of 
your rope.  With less 
of you there is 
more of God.
Matthew 5:3  MSG

   Feb 04

When I Grow Up

Today I was discussing with students their hopes for the future…  and had a little blast from the past.  See, when I was in 7th grade, the yearbook club asked every student, “What are you going to be when you grow up?”  Our response was then printed under our names and pictures in the yearbook.  Forever to be marked in history.

So… today I asked my 7th graders what they thought was printed under my picture that year.  (hint:  it wasn’t teacher of squirrely hormonal adolescents.)
Their responses:
– a doctor?
– an artist?
– a rich person?   (what?!?)
– an actress?
– a veterinarian?  (this always cracks me up.  probably the most popular answer from adolescents… do they have any idea the years of schooling, and how non-glamorous that job would be?)

– a model?   (ha ha ha!)
– a journalist?

The truth is, I wanted to be a Sea World worker.  I had the strange idea that it would be great fun — training and swimming with the dolphins, and of course feeding them handfuls of slimy stinky fish.  So much for big dreams.

   Jan 24


I think I’m on overload. 

Too many details to remember at work, too many clothes to wash and dry and fold and put away, too many ants appearing in new places around the kitchen, too many moments of responsibility for training my child to obey and listen and be gentle, too many meals and lesson plans and errands and feedings and diapers and….  yet…

He says:
Be still and know that I am God.

Psalm 46:10

   Jan 19

Two Thousand Nine

Last year was full of huge accomplishments and challenges.
It might be a little late, but here’s a re-cap of 2009:

January – positive pregnancy test!

February – visit Canada for the first time, church women’s retreat (first overnights away from daughter)

March – spend every day of spring break working on Master’s paper

April – five-year anniversary getaway in downtown Portland

May – finish thesis and earn Continuing Teaching License credentials

June – graduate from WOU with MS in Education, girl trip with friends to beach condo

July – teach five weeks of summer school, two weddings

August – nephew is born, take the Reading Specialist test (and pass!), family trip to the beach, “A” turns two

September – begin 6th year of teaching middle school

October – “Baby B” is born!

November – participate in women’s Bible study, host Thanksgiving at our house

December – my 28th birthday, Christmas celebrations, family trip to Sunriver

   Jan 18

Roof Woes

Do you see what I see?  My kind neighbors were out on a dog walk and spotted shingle/roof damage on at least half the homes on our street.  Makes sense — I didn’t sleep well last night from the loud wind — and the howling had included a lot of rat-tat-tat tat tats… They generously offered a leftover package of shingles that match our roof and mentioned that it’s supposed to rain tonight.
This is the second time we’ve needed some repair on the roof, though the wind storm a few years ago caused much more damage.  You can see in the photo where a large area was replaced.
Such a minor problem compared to families that year (2006 or ’07 maybe?) whose homes and cars were hit by fallen trees or power lines.  Such a minor thing causes me to be grateful for God’s provision during these little home projects that come along, including the brand new refrigerator we weren’t expecting to buy in November.
My thoughts drift to Haiti, which I’ve avoided thinking much about.  The horror and devastation continues for the people of Haiti and I purposely shield myself from watching it on the news.  As if I can keep myself in a cozy bubble by staying ignorant to the facts, the images, and the stories.  I will refrain from being so selfish and pray today for the victims, the families, the relief workers and all whose lives have been shattered by the disaster.