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   Dec 22

My Hope is in You Alone

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   Jun 30


I’ve been reading an incredible book called The Ministry of Motherhood by Sally Clarkson.  My e-mail accountability group is reading this together as part of the “Good Morning Girls” ministry.  Tonight as I read Chapters 9 & 10, I was struck hard by a few paragraphs and wanted to share. from pg. 105 “As I […]

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   Jul 23

8 random things about me

1. I am moderately scared of the dark.  But I only sleep well when it is totally dark. 2.  I’ve never mowed a lawn. (shameful, I know!  Makes sense that we don’t have a lawn yet at my house) 3.  I like peanut butter smeared on a tortilla, then folded in half.  And I like […]

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   Jul 08


For Christmas, my brother got me a subscription to Ready Made magazine.  This is a do-it-yourself / design / home project-type of magazine…  like to an intensely outrageous degree.  I’m having fun imagining what I would do if I had time and skills and funds and that level of commitment to creative expression.  Answer for […]

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   Jul 07

Choosing to be content

“Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for.” ~Epicurus

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   May 06

Thought for the Day

“Lord, give me an open heart to find you everywhere, to glimpse the heaven enfolded in a bud, and to experience eternity in the  smallest act of love.” Mother Teresa

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   Mar 30

Another Quote

“Where Jesus has passed by…  He leaves behind a trail  of wholeness, completeness, and joy that is unmistakeably ‘His touch’.” -Gloria Gaither

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   Feb 09


You’re blessed when  you’re at the end of  your rope.  With less  of you there is  more of God. Matthew 5:3  MSG

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   Jan 13

Quote of the day

Crazy day today.  Including a two-hour power outage in the morning.  Try that one with middle schoolers!  Whew! Anyway, my little verse/quote/inspiration thing on my desk said this for today: “We do not understand the intricate pattern of the stars in their course, but we know that He who created them does, and that just […]

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   Jan 11

Moment of Panic

Just discovered I left the hair straightener on all day. Yikes! I didn’t end up using it this morning either.

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