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   Aug 10

Bringing up Girls

I am glad I got my hands on this book!  It is intense, packed with sobering truth about the future our little girls face.  Very challenging but encouraging for parents in this culture.  The chapter about father/daughter relationships is excellent and lots of Q&A with the oh-so-wise Dr. Dobson.

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   Aug 03

Tell me…

Would you rather… be unable to talk or be unable to walk?

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   Jul 20


Mornings…. hmmmm. Do I wake before my kids?  Do I snatch Bethany out of the girls’ room first [risking waking Abigail] or try to shower quickly before going in their room?  Do I put the baby back to bed after feeding, hoping to get a few more peaceful moments? Ugh… decisions!  I’ve opted for early […]

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   Jul 15

Would you rather…

Would you rather be able to foretell the future or have all the money you will ever need?

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   Jul 06

Train yourself

This morning I was spoiled with a bit of quiet before my girls woke up.  It has been 6:00 a.m. or earlier every single day for who-knows-how-long. I was drinking my coffee and reading my Bible, and came across this phrase, “train yourself to be godly” (I Tim 4:7).  I was kind of stunned for […]

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   Jun 27


My heart is heavy for a couple different friends/family that have confided in me lately.  I hurt for their circumstances, want to help with their burdens… and I know that I can pray.  Doesn’t seem like enough.  My faith needs to grow so that I will run to God on behalf of these people. Knowing […]

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   Jan 24


I think I’m on overload.  Too many details to remember at work, too many clothes to wash and dry and fold and put away, too many ants appearing in new places around the kitchen, too many moments of responsibility for training my child to obey and listen and be gentle, too many meals and lesson […]

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   Jan 18

Roof Woes

Do you see what I see?  My kind neighbors were out on a dog walk and spotted shingle/roof damage on at least half the homes on our street.  Makes sense — I didn’t sleep well last night from the loud wind — and the howling had included a lot of rat-tat-tat tat tats… They generously […]

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   Jan 14

Long Day

Long long long day.  Full of joy.  Full of challenges.  God is good to me.

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   Jan 13

Quote of the day

Crazy day today.  Including a two-hour power outage in the morning.  Try that one with middle schoolers!  Whew! Anyway, my little verse/quote/inspiration thing on my desk said this for today: “We do not understand the intricate pattern of the stars in their course, but we know that He who created them does, and that just […]

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