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   Jun 27

Fun with Paint

We used: driveway paints & paint brushes assorted rocks paper plate paper towels After going on a “rock hunt” we wiped the dirt off with a rag.  It was fun mixing colors and creating a new look for these gems!

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   Jul 21

Fun with Colored Water

We used: empty sink containers, a funnel, mixing cups & spoons water food coloring (one or two drops each color) Abigail loved this activity and was entertained for a surprisingly long period of time.  She asked for several days to play in the sink again.  (Keeps Mama motivated to stay on top of dish washing!)  […]

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   Jul 16

Crayon Rubbings

We used: coins, keys, leaves paper crayons with paper peeled off Good cheap fun! A little bonus is finding other things with textures.  We tried patterned linoleum (final pic).

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   Jul 10

Painting with Water

We used: bucket paintbrush water Good activity for a warm day!  Let your kid “paint” the driveway / house / whatever with water and it dries right up!  Magical, free fun.

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   Jun 25

Ten Tube Bowling

We used: 10 toilet paper tubes scrapbook paper scissors tape ball All you need is about 15 minutes to get everything set up.  Good clean fun!

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   Jan 10

shadow box

I got one of these neat little doodads from a friend this Christmas: I need to decide what I will create with it… I’m open to suggestions!

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   Jan 08

Recipe project

Are you like me when it comes to gift giving? Sometimes I pick out (or make) the perfect thing for the person on my list and then it’s hard to part with because I love it so much… For Christmas this year I decided to give back to myself while working on this idea for […]

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   Jun 23

good times!

This week was my first official week of summer, and I’m loving it! For the first few days, I’ve started working in my mom’s garage to get stuff sorted out and put in a more organized system. It’s taken about 10 hours so far, and I’ve barely scratched the surface. Yet it’s neat to reminisce […]

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