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   Jun 30


I’ve been reading an incredible book called The Ministry of Motherhood by Sally Clarkson.  My e-mail accountability group is reading this together as part of the “Good Morning Girls” ministry.  Tonight as I read Chapters 9 & 10, I was struck hard by a few paragraphs and wanted to share. from pg. 105 “As I […]

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   Aug 12


Today has been one of those, “I’ve had enough of the craziness, I could use a little break” kind of days.  Both girls took really short naps.  Ugh.  Then I thought we should get some fresh air and go for a walk, but didn’t realize it’s a bazillion degrees outside.  Thank goodness for beautiful sunny […]

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   Aug 10

Bringing up Girls

I am glad I got my hands on this book!  It is intense, packed with sobering truth about the future our little girls face.  Very challenging but encouraging for parents in this culture.  The chapter about father/daughter relationships is excellent and lots of Q&A with the oh-so-wise Dr. Dobson.

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   Jul 30


Who are these mysterious little people and how did they get in my house?

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   Jun 10

Summer is almost a reality

3 1/2 days of school left, not that I’m counting… These are some things I’ve recently gleaned in my Proverbs 31 study each morning. Some attributes I want to focus on and especially improve as I go back to full-time mommyhood for the summer. – Disciplined (Prov 31:15) – up while still dark, food for […]

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